iPhone 13/Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21+

Hello Redditors,

My dad is looking into buying a new phone, and we were almost sure about the regular 128gb 13, but he does want a bigger display. My recommendation was the S21+, which is around 700$ where I am, and weirdly cheaper than the baseline 13. My dad uses his phone pretty much for youtube, whatsapp, messaging and as a phone along with a bunch of trading and banking apps that are key to him.

I came here to get advice on which one would be a better buy, the main considerations would be obviously a good phone with good performance and battery life, OS security as banking and commodity and stocks trading is involved, and a decent life, like about 4 years (which isnt too far fetched considering what Samsung has been pushing now). (Also, if this isnt the place, where would u recommend I post this question? )

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