iOS 16 Beta 4: Apple won’t let you edit your messages as you please

Apple rolled out the fourth developer beta of iOS 16 on Wednesday, July 27, and this new version will limit the ability to edit messages in iMessage. Apple would like to limit the potential abuse of malicious users who could create fake conversations by exploiting the editing feature of its messaging app.

Thus, in iOS 16, Apple will limit the conditions under which you can edit or even delete a message after sending it. The manufacturer has even provided a history feature so that each member of the same conversation can check the changes made to messages.

5 changes, then you’re done

The update to iOS 16 will allow iPhone users to edit their iMessages after they’ve sent them. But Apple has limited that ability to five iterations. You won’t be able to edit the same message more than five times after sending it. Once that quota is exceeded, the option to edit will simply not appear.

You still have 15 minutes after sending to edit a message. On the other hand, you only have 2 minutes to cancel the sending of a message on iMessage.

Another notable detail is that Apple has implemented a history function to keep track of all the changes made in a conversation. This history saves every change made by every member of a given discussion. And all participants can view it to see who changed what message and how.

Apple iOS 16 beta iMessage history modifications
This is what the message edit history looks like in iMessage with iOS 16 / © NextPit

Change history is not compatible with previous iOS versions

Older versions then appear in a slightly more transparent form, above the original modified message. Just press the “Edited” button that appears under each message that has been edited.

The idea is to prevent a malicious user from fabricating false conversations or hijacking your replies by editing their messages at will and without your knowledge.

Apple iOS 16 iMessage
This is what users who don’t have iOS 16 get when they receive an edited message (the screenshot on the right side) / © NextPit

But that’s all well and good, except that the history feature is not compatible with the previous versions prior to iOS 16, at least not for now. So Apple has come up with a solution that consists of sending the same message a second time, but this time with the words “Edited to”.

A solution that should only be temporary, until Apple’s developers find a more intuitive and especially more secure way to make all its users benefit from this function. 

What do you think of this Apple feature?

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