Ikea to launch Dirigera smart home hub, Symfonisk charging shelf

Ikea is looking to refresh some of its smart lighting devices this year. New details suggest that there could be updated models of Gunnarp, Floalt and Symfonisk in the work – including a second-generation smart home gateway/hub to replace its Tradfri bridge.


  • Ikea could launch new Gunnarp and Floalt smart lamps.
  • The Tradfri gateway will be replaced by a more compact hub called Dirigera.
  • Symfonisk Charging Shelf could be introduced soon.

The Gunnarp and Floalt smart lighting panels are tagged as ‘Last chance to Buy’ items based on Ikea’s listings. It means that these devices will not be restocked further. It could also indicate that new and better models are coming. Either way, there’s a possibility that Ikea would replace these lineups with a new branding after all.

Symfonisk Charging Shelf has wired and wireless charging features

In addition, Ikea could launch a new smart Symfonisk furniture based on FCC and WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) filings. In reference, the Symfonisk series are smart speakers from Ikea that are co-developed with Sonos. However, the alleged Symfonisk Charging shelf could be a smart furniture to accommodate wireless and wired charging rather than a speaker.

The device has a rating of 18 watts via USB-C and up to 5 watts for wireless charging which is pretty substantial to charge accessories like portable speakers and headphones. Similar to Symfonisk speakers, the device looks to be mountable with 306×131.50mm dimensions specified in the filing sketch.

Ikea Dirigera is a new smart home gateway

Confirmed from Ikea’s website, the company could additionally introduce a new hub called Dirigera this year. It will replace the current Tradfri hub that is required when operating Ikea’s smart home devices and lighting. Ikea says that its older Tradfri bridge and remote will still be compatible with its smart home devices.

Ikea Dirigera Smart Hub gateway
Dirigera hub is required to operate Ikea smart devices through Ikea Home app or remote control. / © Ikea

In terms of features, the Ikea Dirigera will have a more compact disc form and feature Zigbee 3.0 controller support as opposed to the chunky Tradfri hub. Surprisingly, it will have an ethernet jack and USB-C ports on the back. It can be mounted either on walls or positioned on a flat table, and there’s an LED light placed on top for indication.

Ikea has yet to confirm its new hub and smart home devices but these are expected to become available in the coming months. The Tradfri gateway is priced $39.99 and more expensive in other markets while the Gunnarp and Floalt smart lamps are available for $99.99 and $59.99, respectively.

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