I need help deciding!

There are two used phones I really like that are being sold locally and I need help deciding between the two.

The first phone is an Oppo Find X2 pro being sold at 450$. It has 12Gb of RAM and 512Gb of storage. I have heard the display and the camera are phenomenal.

The second phone is a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra being sold at 360$. This model has 8Gb of RAM and 128Gb of storage. The phone has a weaker display but I have heard the camera was class leading at release, it also has 120 W fast charging and the battery is slightly larger than on the Oppo (about 300Mah). According to the seller the phone already has an european ROM dumped in.

They both have the SD 865 chipset, they are about the same size and look very good, Which do I pick?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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