I accidentally blocked my phone with a pattern I don’t know

The title is kinda weird but this is more weirder to explain and right now I’m really desperate so I need help.

Ok, first of all, I have a Samsung a10, half a month ago I changed my screen lock security from pattern to slide and a week ago I wanted to change the security back to a pattern so I tried to do so and “succeeded”.

This is the weird part, the security pattern didn’t last long because every time i unlocked my phone it changed back to slide and I had to do the same process and then I just gave up and continued with slide, today I tried to change it again and this time it didn’t allow me to do so and a message popped up saying “the screen lock was already changed, try again with the new screen lock”, I tried with every security method including the face recognition, it was then that another message popped up saying “if this happens again try restarting the phone” so I turned off my phone and after a while I turned it on again, after I turned it on I tried to unlock it and then the pattern security popped up, I was so happy to see it but little did I know that would be my doom, when I tried the security pattern it failed, I tried it again and it failed again, I tried my previous pattern and it failed again, as I said before, I’m desperate so I tried a lot of different patterns but none of those worked, i thought my phone would block because I really tried a lot of times but it didn’t.

I tried finding tutorials about this on YouTube and I still haven’t found one, I also tried to turn my phone off but guess what? It requieres the pattern to turn it off, this is a really weird situation and I honestly don’t know what to do, any help would be appreciated.

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