How to watch The Walking Dead in the UK

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know to watch The Walking Dead here in the UK – you can also see our article on how to watch Black Widow at home

When does The Walking Dead season 11 start?

In the US, the first episode of season 11 of The Walking dead will air on 22 August 2021. The UK gets them the day after, so season 11 will kick off here on 23 August 2021

We don’t have an exact time of when episodes will release, but usually its 8am BST – once we hear more, we’ll update this article. 

How to watch The Walking Dead in the UK

The Fox Channel is now no longer available here in the UK. Instead, shows have been moved to Star, a new brand on Disney Plus that has content from the likes of Hulu. 

The Walking Dead is one of the flagship shows to move over, and will subsequently have exclusive rights to all new episodes in season 11. Subscribers can also watch all previous ten seasons. 

If you’re not signed up to Disney Plus, you can do so on the website for either £7.99 a month, or £79.90. There are also ways to get Disney+ for free

Disney+ also gives you access to hit MCU shows such as Loki, all the Star Wars movies and shows and all seasons of The Simpsons

How to watch The Walking Dead without a subscription

An alternative method of watching The Walking Dead is to purchase individual episodes or a season pass. 

As a rough guide you’re looking at £1.99 per episode in standard-definition, and £2.49 in high-definition, while an entire season costs £24.99 in SD and £29.99 in HD. However, Amazon does offer slightly cheaper prices. 

Buy The Walking Dead episodes at the following outlets:

Like all popular TV series and films there will be people uploading The Walking Dead torrents or hosting illegal streams of the programme, but we won’t advise you on these here.

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