How to take a screenshot on an Xbox

Taking a screenshot or recording gameplay on your Xbox is as easy as pressing a button. You can then share your photos or clips with friends via direct message or social media. Here’s how to capture and share your Xbox gaming moments.

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To take a screenshot of gameplay on your Xbox, press the Share button on your Xbox controller. You can also press the Xbox button and navigate to the Capture & share menu for more options.


How to take a screenshot on an Xbox

The new Xbox Series X/S controller features a Share button to quickly snap screenshots without having to mess around within menus while you’re in the middle of gameplay. Simply press the Share button (the one with a two-square icon to the center-left), and a message will appear on the screen to confirm that you captured a screenshot.

xbox screenshot saved

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Alternatively, press the Xbox button and press Y on the controller to take a screenshot. This method works for both older and newer Xbox controllers.

How to find and share your Xbox screenshots

To find your screenshots, press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to the Capture & share menu on the far right. From there, select Recent captures.

xbox recent game captures

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Choose the image you’d like to share, and you’ll be given a list of sharing options.

xbox share game capture options

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Here’s a quick breakdown of what each sharing method means:

  • Activity feed: Share the screenshot to your Gamertag activity feed.
  • Message: Send a direct message with the screenshot attached.
  • See all sharing options: Find additional sharing options, such as posting to Twitter or uploading to your OneDrie.

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Unfortunately, you cannot take screenshots on your Xbox outside of gameplay.

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