Grind, cook, weigh, and more: With 21 functions, the Omni Cook really is the Swiss Army knife of kitchen appliances

Although the world has begun to open up following the pandemic, many of us have grown accustomed to spending more time at home. And the more time we spend at home, the more likely we are to eat at home. Now you can easily make all kinds of tasty meals with the Omni Cook, now backable on Kickstarter for $699 ($303 off).

The Omni Cook is an all-in-one cooking station and smart chef for both novice and skilled food preparers alike. It features an integrated 7” touch screen, an internal high-precision food scale, and it connects to Wi-Fi for various software features and updates.

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The cooking station includes eleven different culinary modes with a range of accessories, allowing it to become a slow cooker, blender, steamer, juicer, and so much more. Plus, TOKIT promises that additional modes will be arriving in the future. Taking all of this into account, the Omni Cook is virtually 21 cooking gadgets in one, yet it only takes up a single square foot of space, making it extremely compact and versatile.

On the software side, the Omni Cook comes packed with a cloud-powered recipe database that will receive free updates in the future, ensuring you always have a fun new meal to try out. Speaking of trying meals, there’s an automatic cooking feature with automated temperature controls that will help you prepare your food to perfection, plus the Omni Cook has a self-cleaning mode that will cut down on scrubbing time after your meal has been gobbled up.

Back the Omni Cook on Kickstarter today

You can help fund the Omni Cook on Kickstarter today for $699 ($303 off). All early bird price backers will get one Omni Cook, plus a steamer set and a scraper. Please note that there are only 500 units of these early bird price packages available, and they’re going fast.

You have until Monday, August 9 2021 at 8:42 a.m. Pacific Time to submit your pledge. Backers are expected to receive their Omni Cooks in September 2021. After that, the Omni Cook will go on sale for full price at $1,002.

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