Google wants you to use Lens so badly it might get tacked onto the Search widget

Google Lens combines the power of live image processing vis a vis your phone’s camera with artificial intelligence and the enormous reach of the company’s search engine. Apparently not enough people know to use the app, though, so it has been working on making it more visible to users across Android.

Last year, we told you about the inclusion of a Lens button right next to the mic icon for voice commands in the Google search bar while browsing results. Just in the past week, however, we’ve seen the first instance of Lens move into the search bar widget, complete with updated logo.

But it hasn’t just been popping up there — Google Photos, which already makes it quite clear that Lens is available for people to scan their photos and search for things, is now presenting new prompts when it has the faintest idea that something can be sought out.

Still, this latest move (which could be an A/B test since it doesn’t look to be version-dependent) makes it crystal clear that Google considers Lens to be an integral consumer search tool.

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