Google Pixel Watch: Will it be as expensive as the Apple Watch?

Is the Google Pixel Watch finally coming? There is still nothing concrete. But the indications are piling up that 2022 will indeed be the year when the Pixel Watch is launched. If the sources are correct, it won’t be an affordable smartwatch, but will be priced more along the lines of the Apple Watch!


  • Google Pixel Watch to be released in 2022 with WearOS 3.
  • Fitbit is apparently not involved in the development.
  • First features have been announced.

What’s actually worse: products that are released unfinished? Or vaporware, products that are supposed to be in the pipeline for years but somehow never appear? Okay, to be fair, the Google Pixel Watch doesn’t actually fall into the vaporware category because it was never really announced by Google that way.

Still, we’ve been talking about this smartwatch for years without seeing it. Now, however, multiple sources are speaking out that things are actually going to happen with the Pixel Watch in 2022, so really now!!!

Google Pixel Watch with WearOS 3 coming in 2022

In fact, both Business Insider and The Verge are reporting in unison that we’ll finally get to see this fabled watch from Mountain View in the new year. Both publications refer to sources that are close and can therefore announce reliable info on the Pixel Watch.

Whether the watch from Google will then actually be called Pixel Watch, is far from certain. But we do learn that the watch, which will run Google’s own WearOS 3, will finally be unleashed on humanity next year. The watch will – of course – feature Google’s WearOS 3, which we’ve only seen on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 so far, which also graces our article image above.

So, just like with the Pixel 6, Google now wants to show what is technically capable of pulling with its Pixel Watch smartwatches. However, many features have not been leaked yet. The sources only mention a pedometer as well as a heart rate monitor. Both are such rudimentary features that we would expect them on a high-end smartwatch from Google anyway.

Galaxy Watch 4 01
How much of a difference will “clean” WearOS 3 make to Samsung’s One UI Watch? / © Samsung / Screenshot-NextPit

Will the Pixel Watch be as expensive as the Apple Watch?

You can tell that there’s more to come just by the fact that insiders are talking about the Pixel Watch definitely not being a cheap watch. Instead, it’s expected to come more in the realms where the Apple Watch is also headed. That’s perhaps disappointing if you were hoping for a particularly affordable Google Watch. On the other hand, it fuels the hope that Google will really flex its muscles here and refresh the criminally neglected WearOS 3.

The wearable OS is already used on the Galaxy Watch 4, with the “One UI Watch” on top, which Samsung and Google have tinkered together. Speaking of “tinkering together”: According to the sources, Google subsidiary Fitbit was also not involved in the development of the Pixel Watch.

So what’s the bottom line we’re left with, in light of new information? That we can once again wait for the Google Pixel Watch in 2022 and then finally learn how WearOS 3 presents itself beyond Samsung. Are you curious, or do you prefer to get a smartwatch from the competition?

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