Google Nest Hub uses Fitbit data to tell you: no more cake

Google has announced that it is adding Fitbit integration to the Nest Hub (2nd gen) smart display. The update will enable your Nest hub to show activity metrics from your paired Google fitness tracker or smartwatch such as Fitbit Sense. It’s a neat assistant feature that we hope to see on more smart displays and speakers in the future.


  • Google’s Nest Hub smart display now presents activity metrics from your Fitbit tracker or smartwatch.
  • Currently the only supported device is the 2nd generation Nest Hub display.
  • Google hasn’t confirmed yet if the feature will come to other smart displays.

Displaying personal health and wellness results is not an entirely new trick to the Nest Hub. The second generation smart display could already provide users with metrics from its Sleep Sensing monitoring. Moreover, the meditation app Calm was integrated last year which gave some hope that we would see more apps supported in the future.

Fitbit Charge 5
The Fitbit Charge 5 smart tracker has some solid fitness features that we liked a lot.  / © NextPit

Currently, the update will let your Nest Hub (2nd gen) gain access from your Google or Fitbit wearable device. Once paired, activity data such as burned calories and accumulated steps will be either be shown proactively or available for you to ask from the Google assistant via voice commands. 

According to the support page of Google Nest, the metrics are not limited to steps and calories. Presumably, the hub could also present distance covered, basic heart rate monitoring data, and results from other custom activities. Of course, some of these are yet to be confirmed once we test it on our own smart display. We may surely have to wait a generation or two though until we get specific answers to the question: “Hey Google, can I have more cake?”

How to enable Fitbit integration to your Google Nest Hub or smart display

As for how to turn on the extra functionality on your Nest Hub, users will need to link their Fitness account in the Google Home app. Next you will need to go to your profile, tap Assistant settings and then Wellness. From there, choose Activity and select Google Fit or Fitbit before connecting.

The second step is to turn on Personal results from the Nest Hub settings under Recognition and Sharing and choose ‘Always show proactively’. The last step is to go back to the Google Home app and turn on the Proactive health and fitness results in the Wellness section.

Google didn’t mention if similar features will come to other Nest smart devices, particularly the Nest Audio or Nest Hub Max. However, we don’t rule out that the compatibility will be expanded to further smart home devices, given it’s more of a software integration than a hardware addition.

The Pixel Watch is expected to be introduced soon; do you think it may also receive support with smart display integration? Let us know in the comment section.

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