Google is making installation of Android updates on Pixels even faster

Installing full updates such as the Android 13 OS can sometimes be considered a daunting task. Most manufacturers even require you to always keep your smartphone plugged in, leaving them unusable for several minutes. Google made notable improvements when it introduced seamless updates. Now, it wants to further cut the waiting time starting with its Pixel phones.

The approach of seamless updates is similar to operating systems for desktops like Windows. It installs any software updates in the background and only interrupts your usage when it is time to reboot and apply the changes. Despite not all Android OEMs applying this advantage, true in the case of Samsung, the search giant is still serious about improving the feature.

Smoother installation process on Pixel

An editor from Esper spotted recent patches revealing that Google is working on reducing the process time when you are installing over-the-air updates. Crucially, these are enabled by clustering the operations and through relying on two processor threads when compressing the needed files.

Based on the findings, the firmware with a 2.2GB file size should be installed on the Pixel 6 Pro in just 13 minutes, which is a total of 10 minutes faster compared to the installation time without using the combined two methods. Although this should be noted that post-install time is excluded.

However, it is uncertain if we will see this applied to Pixel smartphones anytime soon. At the same time, it’s unclear if there will be hardware restrictions and only limit this feature to Tensor-equipped devices. We might hear more progress as we head to the Android 14 launch next year.

Which Android provider do you think should also offer seamless updates to their devices? We’d love to hear your answers on this. 

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