Google finally figured out that bundling subscription services is a good idea

As part of Apple’s big drive to diversify its revenue streams and make more money from services, the company seemed to quickly realize that bundling together popular content streams would make a lot of sense. It looks as though Google is finally arriving at this party, fashionably late, with an upcoming bundle of its own, although it’s only a small step in the right direction.

With Apple One, some users will get better value if they already subscribe to multiple services, while some other users will no doubt end up paying for content they don’t really use. It appears as though it’s a win-win situation (even if it isn’t), and it’s sure to boost Apple’s profits. Google has a ton of subscription services that it could do similar with, but it seems as though it’s starting with just two, to begin with.

According to evidence found through an APK teardown of the Play Store Android app by 9to5Google, plans are afoot to bundle together Google One with Play Pass, which will result in a % saving. It’s not clear yet exactly what that discount will amount to, but if you subscribe to both already, it’s likely to be worth your while. For those who currently only use one but have considered the other, this may tip them over the edge. The bundle will also be shareable with family members, too.

Play Pass gives you access to 100s of games and apps from the Play Store for a monthly fee of $4.99 (similar to Apple Arcade but with apps thrown in too), while Google One offers cloud storage, automatic phone backups, additional Google Photos editing tools, and other occasional benefits.

Now, this shows that Google understands the value of bundling services, but it goes short of the kind of package we’d like to see. Google’s other subscription services include YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, Stadia, and Nest Aware, so we’d love to see more of those available as part of a cost-saving bundle. There’s likely to be some sort of fitness subscription in the future too, with access to the second-gen Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing data and so on, so that’s something else that could be part of any future bundles.

If Google can figure this stuff out properly, it could mean more revenue for the company and more convenient subscription models for us, so here’s hoping it all works out.

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