Google adds richer Fitbit cards into the Nest Hub

Google is now improving its Fitbit or Google Fit integration on the Nest Hub 2nd generation. The new feature adds dedicated cards on the Wellness tab of the smart display that show extended health and fitness data coming from a connected Fitbit wearable or possibly from the upcoming Pixel Watch. Google could officially release the update to the public in the coming weeks as the feature is available on the preview program.


  • Google introduces Wellness cards on Nest Hub 2nd gen as part of deeper Fitbit integration.
  • The cards provide insights on health and fitness data from the connected wearable.
  • It’s unclear if Google will expand the feature to other Nest smart displays.

After extending the Fitbit integration on the Nest Hub (2nd gen) in May, Google intends to throw in richer content related to your well-being. On the latest preview program that was spotted by 9to5Google, the Wellness tab can now display stats in card arrangement on top of the original sleep metrics.

Particularly, the 2×2 widget inside the Wellness tab shows the duration of your sleep. This section is taken care of the built-in Soli radar sensor as part of the Sleep Sensing function of the Nest Hub (2nd gen). Otherwise, the 2×1 widgets can proactively provide suggestions or details of recorded workout or calories. Tapping the widget further provides users with more graphical data in weekly period. However, it is unstated if these cards can be manually arranged or customized to the user’s liking.

When are the new Nest Hub Wellness cards coming?

There’s still no definite date on when the new Wellness cards will arrive on the Nest Hub (2nd gen) smart display, but the feature is expected to be rolled out within the year according to Google. For the meantime, users can summon Google Assistant through voice command if they are eager to know their accumulated steps or burned calories.

To enable the feature, your Fitbit account should be linked to the Google Home app first. Then you need to navigate from the Nest Hub Home screen and proceed to Assistant > Wellness > Activity before selecting Fitbit or Google Fit. There’s no word if Google plans to add the Fitbit integration to its other Nest smart displays.

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