Garmin launches Edge 1040 bike computer with solar charging

After launching the Forerunner 955 Solar edition along with the Forerunner 255 running smartwatch earlier this month, Garmin is up with a new device for your fit life. This time, however, it’s a premium GPS bike computer. The latest Edge 1040 brings better battery life and also a solar charging option, which is a first in its lineup. 


  • Garmin launched a solar-powered bike computer.
  • The Edge 1040 cycling computer features a longer battery life.
  • Pricing of the Edge 1040 starts at $600.

First Garmin bike computer with solar charging

Garmin’s new bike computer retains the 3.5-inch color touchscreen with a resolution of 282 x 470 pixels of its predecessor. It’s also a hairline thicker with an overall increase on its dimensions and weight compared to the Edge 1030 Plus. Possibly, this is due to the extended battery and to accommodate the new gyroscope sensor.

The Edge 1040 computer bike is now offering multiband GPS for improved navigation capabilities. Users can still save up to 100 courses and 200 waypoints along with preloaded cycle map. The Edge 1040 also introduces new cycling features such as on-device location search and a power guide on top of the cycle map, heatmaps, and the plethora of other functions present on the previous models.

Garmin Edge 1040 bike computer
Garmin Edge 1040 / Edge 1040 Solar offers downloadable maps. / © Garmin

In terms of training and analysis features, Garmin says the Edge 1040 boasts real-time stamina monitoring as well as cycling and course demand analysis. Cyclists can also take advantage of the primary and secondary workout targets under the coaching insight section. Remote location sharing is available once you’ve connected it to your smartphone.

The biggest upgrade on this bike computer is the battery life though, with 35 hours rating for the non-solar and up to 45 hours for the solar variant. Specifically, an hour ride in direct sunlight will add about 42 minutes into the battery life of the Edge 1040 Solar according to Garmin.

Pricing and availability of Edge 1040

The Garmin Edge 1040 is already available for pre-order in the US, Europe, and the UK for $600 (€600 / £520) while the Solar variant costs $750 (€750 / £630). Garmin is also offering speed and cadence sensors together with a heart rate strap for $100.

Are you using a bike computer when cycling or just your smartphone? Hit us up with your answers.

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