Free instead of $2.99: Mobile game with top rating in the Play Store

You can currently get the mobile game “Message Quest” for free in the Google Play Store. It is a point-and-click adventure game that is rated with 4.6 stars. We have installed the free mobile game and tell you below whether the download is really worth it.

  • Mobile Game “Message Quest” currently free in the Google Play Store.
  • 4.6 stars from 27,443 ratings.
  • Genre: Point-and-Click-Adventure.

It’s Monday, and that means we need to get back into the slow grind of capitalism and make some money. To get your week off to a good start, I’ve picked out a mobile game for you to download for free. Message Quest is currently free for Android.

Usually you pay $2.99 for the point-and-click adventure game. The story revolves around a messenger named “Feste”. He has to find a hero to bring him news about a new adventure. However, he doesn’t feel like it and you play the role of his good conscience. The perfect Monday metaphor, don’t you think?

Message Quest with 4.6 stars out of 28k ratings

Even if the title of the game “Message Quest – the great adventures of Feste” doesn’t sound like it at first, Message Quest is a really good mobile game. Because in the Play Store, the game has been able to collect 4.6 stars from almost 28,000 reviews. The graphics are done in a comic style and look a bit better on mobile than on the teaser image.

Screenshot 20210809 090013
Message Quest comes in a pretty comic book graphic. / © NextPit

Typical for a point-and-click adventure game, you tap your way through speech bubbles and have to find objects or further clues with a tap on the display. Quests, i.e. small tasks, will help you along in the game. If you don’t like the English speech, you can change it in the main menu by clicking on the flag icon. But that’s all I want to tell you about Message Quest.

Neither in-app purchases nor advertising

As Message Quest is actually a paid download, you also benefit from the fact that it contains neither ads nor in-app purchases. So you can start playing without any worries. The app also does not ask for camera or microphone permissions. The privacy policy of the Ukrainian developer “DevVision Games” also looks good.

Although the use of pictures and photos on your mobile phone appears here, I was not asked for these permissions after downloading. So maybe the developer has written his privacy policy for other mobile games as well.

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