First juicy Xiaomi Mi Band 7 leak hints at a bigger, better tracker

A Xiaomi Mi Band 6 rests on its side on a wooden post.

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


  • New details of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 have reportedly leaked.
  • The latest Mi Band may include built-in GPS, a larger screen, and software improvements.
  • Judging by the previous release, Xiaomi could unveil the Mi Band 7 at the end of the month.

The Xiaomi Mi Band series still stands out among the best affordable fitness trackers on the market. Now, a new leak suggests that the latest model, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, could be just around the corner bringing with it some welcome buffs.

Spotted by XDA-Developers, a new tip has potentially revealed a few juicy details about the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 garnered from code in Huami’s Zepp application and firmware files. Interestingly, this suggests that users may not have to endure Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app to use the Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7: Leaked specs

Let’s get into some hardware. For starters, buyers could look forward to a larger, higher-resolution display than its predecessor. While the Mi Band 6 packed a 1.56-inch 152 x 486 screen, the Mi Band 7 could include a 192 x 490 ticker. Notably, the leak didn’t give away the screen’s physical measurements.

Beyond the display, the report hints at built-in GPS support, which would make the Mi Band 7 a potential hit with runners. Traditionally, the line has only featured support for connected GPS. That said, built-in GPS would massively cut the Mi Band 7’s battery life. It’s unclear if Xiaomi would be willing to make that trade.

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Speaking of battery, the Mi Band 7 could pack a power saving mode that would presumably disable sensors, notifications, and other power-draining features to maximize endurance. The Mi Band series’ power consumption isn’t anything to scoff at, but a more efficient mode would be a welcome addition.

Notably, other leaked features hint at additional software improvements. The Mi Band 7 could reintroduce a Smart Alarm feature similar to Fitbit, that wakes the user before their alarm if the tracker detects light sleep. This feature would also certainly require improved sleep tracking smarts. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 could also gain always-on display support, new workout modes, a passcode feature, and additional watch faces.

When could it launch?

While this leak does come from a relatively reliable source, we’d caution against taking these leaked specs as gospel. We’ve also yet to see the Mi Band 7 in the flesh.

As for its launch date, the two previous models give us some indication of a launch window. The Mi Band 5 debuted in China in June, while the Mi Band 6 launched much earlier in March.

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