End of Touch ID: Does Apple dare to take this step with the iPhone SE 4?

Fans of Apple’s Touch ID have to be strong now: According to new rumors, Apple will finally shelve the well-known unlock option in the next SE model. Instead, the iPhone SE 4 will be based on the iPhone XR in terms of design and will thus be launched with a notch and Face ID. However, Apple will also say goodbye to the compactness of its most affordable iPhone.


  • Apple iPhone SE 4 to be released next year in the design of the iPhone XR.
  • With this, Apple would finally go for a design including a notch and Face ID.
  • The display size is expected to grow from 4.7 inches to 6.1 inches as a result.

Apple’s plans for the future of the entry-level iPhone, also known as the iPhone SE, are becoming clearer. According to Heise, the well-known leaker Jon Prosser speculates in his podcast that the next SE model will not only be released next year. The design will also be based on the iPhone XR. This would be a break with several traditions. This year, the iPhone SE 2022 appeared in the casing of the iPhone 8.

Das iPhone XR.
Apple’s iPhone XR—is this what the next SE model will look like? / © NextPit

After initial skepticism, I even made my review of the iPhone SE 2022 a little old-fashioned myself. Because instead of not explaining every term for techies, as usual, I deliberately wrote my article on the cheapest iPhone for people who otherwise have little to do with cell phones. Because it is exactly for them that Apple has kept the design of the SE model for so long. According to the motto “Never change a running system.”

Goodbye to the compact SE model?

So those who have become accustomed to using Touch ID in the physical home button might have to change for good next year if the current phone falls apart. At the same time, the iPhone SE 2022 will also grow in size, according to Prosser. The currently very compact 4.7-inch display will grow to 6.1 inches. However, keep in mind that Apple’s SE model of this year will be launched with huge bezels around the display.

If the iPhone SE 2023 adopts the design of the XR model, you can look forward to much more compact display edges. However, Apple will probably still rely on an LC display and the single camera setup on the back will remain the same. It is also rumored that Apple will show the next generation of the low-cost iPhone as early as spring 2023.

Do you think that the design of the rather unpopular iPhone XR is suitable for the next few years in the SE model? If not, what would you like to see in the next budget iPhone? Let me know in the comments!

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