Don’t pull the trigger on that robot vacuum — there’s a deal on the newest Roborock coming next week (Sponsored)

Warmer months are just around the corner, and if you haven’t already devised a spring cleaning plan to get your home in shape, now’s a good time to start. Aside from the usual cleaning supplies, you’ll undoubtedly need a good vacuum and mopping solution — not just any old vacuum, though. Grab the brand spanking new Roborock S7 with vibrating mop and a re-engineered main brush, available for purchase starting next week.

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The Roborock S7 was first unveiled earlier this year at CES, bringing with it a fresh batch of features and technology you won’t find on any other Roborock vacuum. The focal point for this model is what Roborock’s calling VibraRise, an ultra-fast vibrating sonic mop that’s able to scrub up to 3,000 times per minute. When the vibrating mop isn’t needed — like when vacuuming rugs or carpets — it automatically lifts up into the body of the vacuum, making the S7 more efficient and effective as it traverses your home.


The S7 is equipped with a re-engineered floating main brush that sticks closer to your floor’s uneven surfaces, ensuring that fewer dirt particles are left behind. Instead of the typical bristles you’ll find in most vacuuming solutions, this brush is also now fabricated entirely out of rubber, making it more durable, less susceptible to getting tangled up with hair, and better at sweeping up dust and other debris.

When it launches, the S7 will be the first Roborock vacuum that’s compatible with the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock. In addition to charging up the S7 in between cleaning sessions, the dock will be able to empty out and store debris from the S7’s dustbin, allowing the vacuum to clean more often without needing to be emptied manually. The Auto-Empty Dock is expected to be available later this year.

Aside from all of the powerful attributes listed above, the Roborock S7 includes a substantial 470ml dustbin, an adequate 300ml water tank, a long-lasting 5,200mAh battery, and it’s capable of achieving 2,500 Pa of suction. Altogether, Roborock claims that no other smart vacuum manufacturer offers all of these features and technologies in a single package, making the S7 a truly unique option in the intelligent vacuum market.

Buy a Roborock S7 before March 31st and save $50

The brand new Roborock S7 will be available for purchase from Amazon starting on Wednesday, March 24. With early-bird pricing, those who buy an S7 before March 31st will save $50 dollars on their order. After that date, the S7 will be listed at the full price of $649 per vacuum. If you’d like to learn more about the new Roborock S7, check out the official webpage here.

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