Deciding between a53 and a33

So my current phone is a galaxy a5 from 2017 that I only just updated the battery from but now my phone is randomly restarting at times. Not sure if that is because of the battery or because it's the low 3gb RAM running out.

So I'm looking for a new phone just to be safe. Through my carrier I can get an A33 for 279€ and an A53 for 399€ but with a free galaxy watch 4. Both phones the 128gb storage and 6gb ram versions.

There are a couple of things I was looking at in my new phone. And while yes Oneplus (specifically the nord 2t) has better performance, Samsung gives longer updates and support and at the end of the day that is what will keep the phone running longer so that was a deciding factor for me. Another one was camera's and the samsung image software is just better. Then I discovered that the A33 is almost the same phone as the a53 but with a slightly worse screen but way lower price? is there something I'm missing here? edit: I also really like the samsung amoled screens over other screens so are there similar screens on other midrangers I'm glossing over?
extra edit: mostly use my phone (heavily) for spotify, yt and reddit so are both fine for that?

And if the two phones are basically the same is it worth spending the 130 for that 'free' smartwatch?

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