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The key PSVR 2 details that matter

PlayStation VR 2

Sony is gearing up to launch its PSVR 2, and the company has finally dished out the most important details worth knowing about the PS5 VR headset. Yep, we’ve now got pricing and release information.

When and where will it launch?

  • Sony confirmed that the PSVR 2 will be available from February 22, 2023
  • It sounds like this will be a widespread launch, so those in second-tier markets might not need to wait a few weeks.
  • Consumers in the US, UK, and several EU countries can only make pre-orders via the PlayStation website at first.
  • Not in these markets? Then you’ll need to preorder via participating retailers.

More expensive than the PS5

  • Pricing seems to be very divisive among fans, as the PSVR 2 has a recommended price of $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99 / ¥74,980.
  • That means it’s more expensive than both the digital and disc-based PS5 models. A pretty crazy comparison.
  • It’s also more expensive than the original PSVR, which sold for $400.
  • It’s clear that features like higher resolution HDR OLED panels, 3D audio, controllers, and inside-out tracking all cost money.
  • In saying so, some are pointing out that it’s a good deal when compared to similarly-equipped VR headsets.
  • GamesRadar in particular noted that it compares favorably to devices like the $1,400 HTC Vive Pro 2 and $490 HP Reverb G2.
  • It almost goes without saying it’s also far more capable in terms of hardware than the best mobile VR headsets.

No backwards compatibility

  • Sony says there’ll be over 20 games at launch. But the downer is that the PSVR 2 isn’t backwards compatible with PSVR games.
  • A Sony rep claimed that this was due to all the new tech in the new headset.
  • “So this means developing games for PSVR 2 requires a whole different approach than the original PSVR.”
  • We’re not sure about the reasoning here. I’m no expert but surely it shouldn’t require a ton of work by Sony to enable this support?
  • The cynic in me thinks Sony wants a slice of revenue that will come from developers releasing PSVR 2 versions of PSVR games.
  • In saying so, at least two PSVR games will be offered as free PSVR 2 upgrades (Pistol Whip VR and Zenith: The Last City).
  • It’s still a shame though. Hardware add-ons are a dicey proposition for consoles, so a large library of supported games is key.

Thursday Thing

super mario bros trick retrogamingonline

So it turns out that you don’t have to start from the beginning if you lose all your lives in the original Super Mario Bros! A viral TikTok (via Lifehacker) by @retrogamingonline has resurrected a previously uncovered yet obscure trick to start from the world you died on.

Once you’ve died and seen the game over screen, you’ll need to wait until you get back to the Super Mario Bros title screen. From here, you’ll need to hold down on A and then press start. And that’s all there is to it. The trick apparently works for all versions of the game, including the Switch Online port.

Have a Super (Mario) day!
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