Chrome 94 Beta is now available (APK Download)

It feels like Google is bumping up Chrome’s version number every other day, with one release following right after the other, but things are about to get even worse. As the company announced in March, new Chrome releases will come to our devices every four weeks from now on instead of every six. Chrome 94, which has just been released to the beta channel, is the first version to live on that fast four-week cycle. You can download it over at APK Mirror right now.

Despite this new, even faster release cycle, there are a few significant changes coming to the mobile version of Chrome. When you flip on the right flags, the browser will feel right at home on Android 12 thanks to support for the new wallpaper-based theming engine, dubbed Monet. When activated, the new tab page, the address bar, and the tab switcher will be dunked in the accent color, just like many parts of the system UI already are on Android 12.

Chrome 93 already offered first glimpses of Material You, but Chrome 94 takes things to a whole other level. It’s safe to assume that Google will build out the theming engine even further with upcoming Chrome releases.

Left to right: Homescreen; Chrome homepage; Chrome homepage’s search.


Left to right: Homescreen; Chrome homepage; Chrome homepage’s search.

Other than these obvious tweaks, Chrome 94 has a few more things to offer under the hood. There’s a new HTTPS-first mode, improvements for those who despise tab groups on mobile, and much more. Stay tuned for our more detailed post about everything we’ve spotted in Chrome 94, which will go live shortly.

As you may have noticed, this new, faster release cycle leaves Chrome 93 in an interesting position. Chrome 94 is already taking up version 93’s spot in the beta channel, but 93 has yet to launch in stable. We’ll let you know once that happens, but for now, Chrome 93 is stuck on the sidelines and not quite available at all.

Chrome 94 Beta is rolling out to the Play Store as we speak, but you can also get the browser over at APK Mirror if you’re eager to get your hands on the latest version.

Chrome Beta
Chrome Beta

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