Carrier showdown: Which unlimited phone plan reigns supreme?

Unlike the name implies, unlimited cellular service plans aren’t created equal. Just take a quick glance around the web, and you’ll see that each plan has its own unique caveats that set them all apart. Today, we’re comparing some of the most compelling unlimited plans from Ting Mobile — which you can subscribe to for just $25 ($20 off) a month on one line for the first three months — against Google Fi, Mint Mobile, Tello, Consumer Cellular, and T-Mobile.

To kick things off, here’s a quick rundown of the carrier plans we’ll be taking a look at, all lined up for your viewing pleasure.

Ting Mobile Tello Mint Mobile Google Fi Consumer Cellular T-Mobile
Unlimited talk
Unlimited text
Unthrottled data 22GB 25GB 35GB 22GB 35GB 50GB
Hotspot tethering (shared data) 12GB 25GB 5GB Unlimited 3G data
5G (where applicable)
Locked in Quarterly renewal
Consumer Reports-approved customer support
Price (monthly): $25 $45 $39 $30 $40 $60 $60 $60

Chances are you’ve noticed three major points across the board: First, each of these plans come with unlimited talk and text. Second, none of these unlimited service plans other than Mint Mobile lock customers into contracts, leaving you free to switch from one carrier to another at any time. Third, if customer service is important to you, both Ting Mobile and Consumer Cellular have been rated the highest by Consumer Reports in this category.

How do the carriers stack up?

That leaves us with pricing and data. While most of the carriers are within the ballpark of one another, there are some exceptions. For instance, Consumer Cellular is easily the most unrealistic option, given its expensive $60 price tag and lack of hotspot tethering. This is made especially clear when you consider that Mint Mobile offers the same amount of data, plus hotspot tethering for less per month, if you’re willing to sign a contract.

On the premium side of the unlimited plan offerings, you have T-Mobile. They’re one of the most expensive carriers on the list at $60 a month, but you also get the most amount of data and unlimited hotspot tethering available. Alternatively, Google Fi also costs $60 a month for a single line, though you’ll only get 22GB of data with no hotspot tethering.

Then there’s the most affordable end of the pack. Ting Mobile and Tello both offer similar amounts of data at very comparable monthly rates — $45 and $39, respectively. The stark difference here is that Ting Mobile allows 12GB of your 22GB of uncapped data to be used for hotspot tethering, while Tello will let you use all of your 25GB of data for tethering, if that’s something you’d like to have.

Which plan is best for you?

Deciding which unlimited plan is best for you will ultimately come down to three main factors: price, regional coverage, and the amount of data you realistically need. But what if there was a way to get an Unlimited plan for even less than any of the options listed above? (Hint: there is!)

From now through June 30, you can purchase a Ting Mobile Unlimited plan for just $25 ($20 off) a month on one line for the first three months. That means you’ll save a full $60 on unlimited talk and text, plus 22GB of uncapped LTE/5G data with 12GB allotted for hotspot tethering every month.

After this period, your bill will go to the reasonable full price of $45 a month. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can switch to a cheaper Ting Mobile plan or even cancel your service, hassle free. To learn more about Ting Mobile’s special Unlimited offer, click here.

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