Between Pixel 6 Pro and Iphone 13

So I am looking to buy a new smartphone in one month~ . After some search I decided that one of those 2 phones would be the best for me. Even though I have been an Android fun for 8-10 years ( I am 18 rn) and I like everything that Android can offer me , the current same of ios and what the iphone offers isn't that bad. I am also coming from Honor 10 so I am on 60Hz and my monitor is 60Hz that's why I am not looking for a better refresh rate right now. Basically what I am looking for is:

  • Good Battery , that can last me a whole day. I am not going to play any games on them , mostly use it with a lot of apps for uni students , netflix , spotify and for taking photos and videos ( not daily of course).
  • A decent camera , Iphone 13 (except the microphone) is the best in the video part but cannot decide yet which one is better in taking photos.
  • Able to last for at least 4 years without losing that much performance.

Of course I want to hear your opinion on what you would pick except from what I am looking for!

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