Best Bluetooth Adapters for PS5 2022

Bluetooth Adapters for PS5 2022: Connect any wireless headphones
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The PS5 has been out for nearly an entire year now, and while finding one can still prove to be difficult, those who are finally getting their hands on the system are likely looking to grab some must-have accessories. One of those is a Bluetooth adapter, which can give players the ability to utilize wireless audio with their new console. So whether you want to chat with friends without wires or have more freedom to move and stretch while playing, there’s already a handful of choices for Bluetooth adapters. We’ve collected some of the best PS5 Bluetooth adapters available right now, focusing on what works best for the next generation of systems.

Gstef Usb Bluetooth Adapter PsGstef Usb Bluetooth Adapter Ps

Multiple options:
Gstef USB Bluetooth Adapter

Staff Pick

The Gstef USB Bluetooth Adapter is a tinier option for those looking to keep things as minimalist as possible. The adapter is a USB Type-A device and can connect to any platform you need, including the PlayStation 5. The adapter bills itself as having a connection of up to 15m, so most normal gaming setups should be perfect for this adapter if you’re looking to pick one up.

$23 at Amazon

Avantree Dg80 Bluetooth Adapter PsAvantree Dg80 Bluetooth Adapter Ps

A tiny addition:
Avantree DG80 Bluetooth Adapter

Avantree’s DG80 Bluetooth Adapter is another tiny choice and offers some of the most simplistic setups. According to instructions, the DG80 must be plugged in, and then it’s ready to be paired with a device. Better yet, the next time you can turn your device on, it will automatically reconnect to the DG80. Avantree also claims that the DG80 has an incredible range up to 100 ft. in open, line-of-sight conditions and up to 60 ft. indoors. That means you should be able to go just about anywhere in your house and still chat with friends, listen to music, or play from even further away if you want.

$35 at Amazon

Gulikit Ps5 Bluetooth AdapterGulikit Ps5 Bluetooth Adapter

A stylish choice:
GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter

While the GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter was primarily intended for the Nintendo Switch, it sports a USB-C plug for any device that supports the ports, like the PS5. Better yet, the MiiLink also sports a unique design that allows the device to sit flush against the console and even has controls right on the front to make connecting even easier.

$24 at Amazon

Avantree Leaf Bluetooth Adapter PsAvantree Leaf Bluetooth Adapter Ps

A traditional design:
Avantree Leaf Long Range Bluetooth Adapter

Another offering from Avantree, the Leaf Long Range Bluetooth Adapter, looks more like a convention USB stick if you’re looking for something like that. Like Avantree’s DG80, the Leaf features simultaneous music and voice functionality and up to 60 feet of long-range usage. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth adapter that might not be so easily lost or that you can keep track of at all times, then the Leaf may be for you.

$35 at Amazon

Moofahom Usb Bluetooth Dongle Adapter Ps5 Nintendo SwitchMoofahom Usb Bluetooth Dongle Adapter Ps5 Nintendo Switch

A tight fit:
Moofahom Switch Bluetooth Adapter

The Moofahom Bluetooth adapter is similar to 1Mii’s MiiLink, as it was also primarily intended for the Nintendo Switch. However, Moofahom’s adapter also comes with a few extra accessories, like a mini microphone dongle used for specific devices and caps for the USB plugs if you’d like to keep them stored away when they’re not in use.

$13 at Amazon

Zamia Bluetooth Adapter PsZamia Bluetooth Adapter Ps

A budget option:
Zamia Bluetooth Adapter

Zamia’s Bluetooth Adapter is a great pick for those not looking to spend too much on wireless transmitters. Coming in at just over $10, the adapter will give you all you need in the audio department. While it doesn’t boast the longest range, coming in at an estimated 33 ft., the adapter sport a sleek and small design, so it will fit snug against the PS5 without looking too clunky or being at risk of being kicked or pulled off by anything.

$12 at Amazon

What will you be picking up?

Because the PS5 is so new, the options for Bluetooth adapters aren’t exactly the most diverse. Most of the options presented were designed for other consoles or devices, but will still work perfectly fine with the PS5. Thankfully, USB-C in the PS5 ensures that many devices should be compatible regardless of their initial design, so even if you pick up a Bluetooth adapter initially made for the Nintendo Switch, the connection to the PS5 is still possible.

For those looking to get the best of the best, the OLCLSS USB Bluetooth Adapter has top reviews among buyers and features a USB-C dongle that comes separately, which is good to have on hand. If you’re looking for something less noticeable when attached to your console, you can also go for the Avantree DG80, a tiny but mighty Bluetooth adapter that gives you some awe-inspiring range.

Regardless of what Bluetooth adapter you choose, you’ll likely be in good hands. If you’d rather wait it out and see if more significant first- or third-party companies begin to produce Bluetooth adapters, that’s also an option. With more and more PS5 accessories launching every day, you’re bound to find the perfect Bluetooth adapter at some point.

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