Beat Saber OST 4 celebrates 4 million sales with 4 new free songs

They’ve officially done it. While Beat Saber has long been one of the best-selling VR games on the market, today’s milestone means it is officially the single-best-selling VR game on any platform with a whopping four million copies sold since it debuted on May 1, 2018. While its developer, Beat Games, is owned by Facebook, Beat Saber is available on all major VR platforms including Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and PC VR. Now, though, it’s time to grab yourself a pair of Beat Saber grips because it’s time to get slicing to some new tunes!

Official Soundtrack 4 (OST 4) is launching to commemorate that momentous milestone, debut four brand-new songs created by the game’s most popular music artists: Jaroslav Beck, Camellia, Boom Kitty, Jakub Tirco, and Waylon Reavis. Beat Saber OST 3 was released over a year and a half ago and, just like the other OST updates, OST 4 is completely free. All you need to do is turn on your headset and download the update!

“With OST4, I wanted to focus on the intersection of rock and electronic music, which also sets the perfect environment for even more intense beatmaps,”

Jaroslav Beck, Head of Music for Beat Saber.

OST 4 introduces a brand new kaleidoscope environment that’s designed to get you in the zone with hypnotic colors and movements. Beat Games has made sure to note that these songs are Content ID free, so creators and streamers, alike, can play along with the tunes without having to worry about getting their videos taken down. If these songs aren’t enough, you can always take the dive and get your copy of Beat Saber modded so you can enjoy custom songs on Beat Saber, opening up the floodgates to thousands of additional tunes.

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