Are iPhones better than Android for general use in 2022 smartphones?

In terms of general use of a smartphone are iPhones better than Android?

I've always been an Android fan but the current Smartphone landscape in 2022 for Android Phones in North America, are filled with phones imitating the same design of the iphone. Ie. 5G, with no sd card slot, no headphone jack, and small battery.

When I broke down the BASIC user experience to the following seven points it seems the iPhone is a better phone than Android at the moment.

1) Basic Phone Calls: iPhone Quality is good. I can't say its better but I could not find many phone call issues with the device. Android phones drain more battery in 5G. Also some devices have virtual proximity sensors and randomly drop calls.

2) Hardware issues: iPhone may heat once in a while, will restrict RAM for memory management, and close background apps. Android is prone to ghost touches, OS is not always completely optimized to chip. Replacement parts are unique to specific device.

3) Storage: Tie. Both phones don't provide an External SD Slot. 🙁

4) Photo/Video iPhone consistently takes good photos and better Videos for the average user. iPhone quality is on par with Samsung but not as detailed as Android 4k/8k phones.

5) Battery iPhone has smaller battery than Android, but better SOT. Android needs bigger battery to meet user demands, and also provides multi-tasking. Battery tends to degrade faster.

6) General Customization iPhone iOS 16 will provide lock screen customization, widgets and Shortcut Macros. Android allows the user basic UI customization, and Automatic complementary color schemes. Power users love Android.

7) OS Update/Security All iPhone devices from 5 years ago are still supported on the latest iOS and still receive security updates. Manufacturers of android devices tend to only support two to four years depending if it is a midrange or flagship device.

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