Apple TV and Apple TV Plus are now available on all Android TV devices

Android TV is one of the more popular platforms for smart TVs and TV boxes, bringing a variety of capabilities and streaming services to your television. One major missing service has been Apple TV, but Google has confirmed that the app and its Apple TV Plus streaming service are now available on the smart TV platform.

Nvidia first announced that its Shield TV streaming devices supported Apple TV and Apple TV Plus in a blog post yesterday (June 1). It added that the Apple TV app also supports Google Assistant for voice commands. But Google subsequently confirmed to 9to5Google that the app is available for the “Android TV OS ecosystem.”

Google told the outlet that any Android TV device based on Android 8.0 Oreo or higher that isn’t an operator tier device will have access to Apple TV. This is a major step up, as the app was initially restricted to Sony Bravia TVs and the Chromecast with Google TV.

It’s worth noting that the Apple TV app still isn’t available for Android phone users, forcing them to visit the Apple TV website to access the service instead.

In addition to the ability to purchase/rent video content, Apple TV also includes the Apple TV Plus streaming service and access to the likes of Paramount Plus, Starz, and AMC Plus. Wondering about the best movies on Apple TV Plus? We’ve got you covered with our guide at the previous link.

Are you interested in Apple TV Plus if you haven’t subscribed to the service yet? Let us know by voting in the poll further up the page.

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