Apple to delay iPadOS 16 release due to Stage Manager issues

If you’re eager to install iPadOS 16, we have bad news: You’ll have to wait a little longer. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple could delay the release of its next software iteration for iPad to October, which is a month overdue from the original schedule in September. The publication cites that the move could help developers iron out the remaining kinks.


  • Apple faces issues with iPadOS’ new Stage Manager.
  • The iPadOS 16 release could be delayed until October.
  • Apple may launch the iPadOS 16 alongside its iPad event in October.

Apple is apparently having a tough time polishing the features of iPadOS 16. According to the notable leaker, Mark Gurman, Apple faces several issues with the execution of Stage Manager. The main reason could be the present bugs as well as the feedback from the users and developers regarding the ambitious feature. It is important to note that Apple released the public beta version of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 last month.

For starters, the new mode enables improved multitasking functions for a few supported iPad Pro models and the iPad Air (2022) particularly with M1 or newer chipset. It brings a macOS-like experience where you can flexibly resize and reposition tabs or windows. Giving Apple a month of extra time may eventually make the Stage Manager more stable which will then benefit all users.

The delay will also help Apple focus on the final version of iOS 16 for its iPhones which is expected to be available after the iPhone 14 launch event next month. On the other hand, putting the availability of iPadOS 16 to October makes more sense since Apple is known to announce its new tablets during this month every year.

Users can enroll on Apple’s beta program if they can’t wait for the official release of the iPadOS 16 or iOS 16. We’ve prepared a nifty guide for iPhone users on how they could install iOS 16 and test the upcoming features in advance.

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