Anker’s Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds can track your sleep and set an alarm

Anker’s Soundcore not only introduced wireless headphones that can track your heart rate, but it also launched a version that can manage sleep. The Soundcore Sleep A10 buds are the company’s first noise cancelling sleep headphones that come with low-frequency sounds and in-ear alarm.


  • Anker’s Soundcore introduces sleep earbuds.
  • The new Soundcore Sleep A10 buds can monitor your sleep.
  • They are available for $180.

Unlike the Soundcore Liberty 4 with stem-based design, the Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds have compact profile. Each side comes with dual ear tips coupled with flexible ear wings for added passive noise blocking. Combined with the adaptive noise masking function, the headphones can block up to 35 decibels of noise level according to Anker.

In terms of audio output, the in-ear headphones use a dynamic sound driver instead of a magnetic type. This makes it suitable for white noise and sleep-inducing sounds because of the low frequency output. There’s also a Smart Switch feature that automatically switches to white noise when the earbuds detect that you fall asleep.

Anker's Soundcore Sleep A10
Users can access sleep sounds or manage their sleep data on the Soundcore app / © Soundcore / Screenshot by: NextPit

Besides managing sleep data, users can access free libraries or stream sleep audio tracks from the Soundcore mobile app. Additionally, the sleep earbuds work as an in-ear alarm clock that can be set from the app. Connection to other sources is also available through the Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Supported audio codecs are limited with SBC and AAC.

Battery life and pricing of Soundcore Sleep A10

Soundcore’s Sleep A10 headphones get up to 10 hours of battery in sleep mode and much lower when playing music. The charging case itself adds an extra 40 hours of playback for a total of 50 hours. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not supported. But you get a USB-C port that can fully refill the case’s juice within 2 hours.

The new Soundcore Sleep A10 sleep earbuds are listed for $180, which are considerably more expensive than the Soundcore Space A40 or Liberty 4 at $100 and $150, respectively.

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