Amazon Prime Day 2022: Early offers and huge bargains!

Amazon Prime Day is already at the starting blocks and will take place from July 12 to 13, 2022. All bargain hunters are certainly looking forward to this day just like Black Friday, and for good reason, too! You can save a lot of money but do proceed with caution. This is because not all offers are really worth it. In this article, we present everything you need to know about Amazon’s Prime Day and its best deals.

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  1. When does Prime Day begin?
  2. Deals you can get today: The best Prime Day offers and warehouse deals
  3. Prime Day offers: Fire TV Stick, Echo Show, Kindle & more!
  4. Consoles on Prime Day: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and others
  5. iPhone deals and more: The best Apple deals for Prime Day!
  6. Smartphone deals: How to save on Samsung, Xiaomi, and others
  7. LG, Philips or Sony: The best TV deals on Prime Day!
  8. Vacuum robots and doorbells: The best smart home deals!

When does Prime Day begin?

Prime Day is one of the biggest holidays for bargain hunters who have an active Amazon Prime subscription. The actual event takes place from July 12 to July 13 at 11:59 p.m., but you can already grab the initial early bird deals starting today, June 21. Based on our experience, there might be some real bargains out there, but the biggest deals will probably be unavailable until the actual Prime Day kicks off.

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Note: Amazon Prime Day is exclusively available for Amazon customers who have a Prime subscription! You do not yet have a Prime subscription? Click here to sign up for a trial subscription

We will update this article daily for you so that you do not miss any of the top deals and can keep track of everything. Hence, it is in your best interest to check on a daily basis. In our selection, we also compare the offer prices with the general prices on the web. Not all deals are fantastic, since Amazon bases its prices on the recommended retail prices, some of which have been around for years.

Deals you can get today: The best early bird offers [Updated July 1st]

Below, you will find the best deals that Amazon already offers before the actual Prime Day. Whether it’s TVs, vacuum robots, smartphones or other technology, the range is simply amazing! It’s important to keep track of the deals to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

Prime Day offers: Fire TV Stick, Echo Show, Kindle & more!

It has been a recurring pattern over the past years when Amazon offers its own devices at significantly cheaper prices in advance. As early as June 24 this year, you will be able to benefit from the initial advantages. From then on, a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited or Kindle Unlimited will be free for Prime users to check it out for a three-month period.

On July 6, Amazon will launch its most interesting promotion. From that day onwards, you will pay significantly less for Amazon devices like the Echo Show or the Echo Dot.

All offers can be found in this article, of course, but also on Amazon’s offer page.

iPhone offers and more: The best Apple deals for Prime Day!

Prime Day also has exciting deals in store for Apple fans. Whether it’s the iPhone 13, a new iPad Air 5 or an Apple Watch Series 7, these Apple deals cannot be missed when it comes to picking out a bargain! As usual, Amazon relies on the recommended retail price, which is sometimes significantly higher than the current prices shown on the web. Hence, you should definitely check in advance whether the offer is really worth checking out before you part with your money.

This is especially true with Apple devices, and it can happen that you could actually save quite a bit. Of course, we have summarized the best Apple offers for you.

Smartphone offers: How to save on Samsung, Motorola, and others

Apart from Apple, Amazon also slashed the prices of other manufacturers. Offers around Samsung’s mid-range A series and Xiaomi’s product range might be particularly interesting for those who want plenty of bang for their buck. We are especially curious about the discounts for the new smartphones. After all, you often still have to fork out quite a high price for the latest handsets. However, with a discount, some of the devices should be much more attractive than they already are.

Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy A53, the Motorola Moto G100 or the OnePlus 10 Pro, there are quite a few offers in store for you. This is the best time to get a new smartphone. In order not to fall into the false fallacy of saving money, we have narrowed down the most interesting deals for you. Here, you can see not only the current price, but also the previous best price on the web.

Robot vacuums and doorbells: The best smart home deals!

Of course, there are other smart helpers in the mail-to-order giant’s range apart from their own range of Amazon devices. Of course, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart doorbells and robotic mowers are not to be missed out as well. You will find the best offers for your smart home here as soon as they are available!

Consoles on Prime Day: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and others

For all those who are looking forward to a new console, let me share a secret with you in advance: The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will probably not be available for a lower price on Amazon. However, the mail-to-order giant will probably include these two highly sought after consoles in their offer for Prime Day. However, you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on one of the coveted gaming consoles. Again, there will probably only be a limited number of consoles available.

However, the situation is different for the Nintendo Switch. The console is still selling like hot cakes despite being around for quite a while now, and we do expect some interesting bundle offers or even a price reduction for the OLED version.

You can find the best gaming deals that Prime Day has in store for you as soon as they become available below:

No offers currently

LG, Philips or Sony: The best TV deals on Prime Day!

Personally, I’m looking forward to Prime Day to finally buy a new TV. Unfortunately, the devices usually can get quite expensive, which means that an LG TV can sometimes be close to $3,000. However, Amazon’s offers could turn out to be real bargains.

If you are looking for an OLED or QLED TV, we have listed the best offers for you here. If you are looking for a TV to play your PlayStation 5 with, you should definitely read the small print. This is because only devices that have a compatible connection are future-proof. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you what the TVs come with and what they have to offer.

These are the offers for [the early] Amazon Prime Day 2022 so far, so in order not to miss anything, it’s best to check in daily. Have you already participated in the crazy Prime Day sales last year? Were you able to secure any interesting deals? Let us know in the comments!

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