Alexa now recognises persons or packages through smart door cameras

Amazon’s home assistant is getting a new smart function today. The latest Alexa Person and Package Detection feature has been released to Ring cameras and video doorbells. It allows Alexa to alert users through the mobile app, Echo devices, or even by automatically showing a live video feed to your smart TVs and Fire tablets.


  • Alexa’s Person and Package Announcements function is now available to Ring security devices.
  • A subscription plan is required in order to use the new smart Alexa feature.
  • The feature will also arrive to select Google Nest and Adobe security cameras.

The smart detection feature is not new to Amazon’s devices and other smart motion gadgets in the market. Last year, the person detection was added to the Echo Show and Echo Dot smart speakers using the built-in camera or ultrasound technology to recognize human presence. If detected on your Ring device, Alexa can trigger different pre-planned routines such as turning on smart bulbs, firing custom voice alerts and other events.

In order to activate the Person and Package detection you’ll need both the Ring and Alexa apps. Once the compatible Ring device is paired with Alexa, users need to enable Smart Alerts in the Ring smartphone app. Separately, the last step is to toggle on the Camera Events in the Alexa app.

Amazon says that the person detection feature will also come to different Nest Cam models and the Nest Doorbell. Meanwhile, the package detection is only available on Ring Video Doorbell 2020 and Doorbell Pro 2. Furthermore, Abode’s Iota and Outdoor cameras will also get both security functions later this year. More third-party cameras will also be supported in future, thanks to the Object Detection Sensor API of Amazon that is available for developers.

A subscription plan is needed to activate Alexa Person and Package Detection feature

Users of Ring security cameras must be subscribed to the Ring Protect subscription plan that starts at $3 per month in order to activate the new Person and Package announcements. Similarly, an Abode plan at $7 a month is required in order to use the new Alexa announcements on Iota and Outdoor cameras. Google is offering it free on its devices, but you can upgrade to an advance detection system for a monthly subscription.

Amazon didn’t yet mention the availability of the new feature to other countries where the Ring Protection plan is available, such as in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the EU. Perhaps we will get more clues once the update arrives to Google’s and Abode’s devices.

Would you use the new Alexa person or package detection feature at home? Are you struggling with porch pirates? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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