12 Pro Max vs s21 ultra/note20 ultra

Hey guys, I'm about to replace my Galaxy s9 due to having a spiderwebbed screen and I'm torn between sticking with what I'm familiar with (Android/Samsung) or making the switch to iOS. I've always been an Android fan for various reasons, and have pretty much had an anti-sheeple standpoint.

however, I'm rough with my phones and almost always end up with a busted screen. And with the ceramic shield(?) on the 12 pro max, i think it might last longer. Overall, the 12 seems more durable than the galaxies.

I'm not a poweruser by any means, and photography isn't high on my list either. I'm mostly into games and watching videos. And i like big screens. The reasons I'm considering one of the galaxies is that's just what I'm familiar with, and all of the apps I've purchased over the years. The reasons for iPhone is the durability, and everyone in my family is an iPhone user.

Can you folks sway me to one side or the other? I'm leaning more towards the pro max, but am afraid i won't like it and be stuck with it for 2 years.

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